SmokePro Tech-Mate Plus

The OEM Approved Smoke Pro Total-Tech is the world
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95-0007_A_TechMatePlus_medium.jpgSmokePro Tech-Mate Plus
Smoke Pro Tech-Mate Plus is designed for the garage that needs a smoke machine that can quickly and easily diagnose, approximate, and pinpoint leaks in variety of systems. Smoke Pro Tech-Mate Plus is the utilitarian and economical diagnostic solution for any multi-functional repair shop.

Included in the Box(1) Smoke Pro Tech-Mate Plus
(1) OEM-Approved Smoke Agent
(1) Halogen Inspection Light
(1) EVAP Service Port Tool
(1) EVAP Schrader Valve Removal Tool
(1) Cap Plug Kit
(1) Exhaust Cone Adapter
(1) Plastic Accessory Case
(1) Training DVD

Technical Specifications
EVAP Weight 6 lbs.
Shipping Weight 12 lbs.
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 12 in.
Operating Modes Air Only Cycle
Smoke Cycle
Operating Temperature 0F to 120F (-17C to 42C)
Operating Humidity No Limit
Operating Altitude No Limit
Minimum Leak Detection 0.010”
Smoke Chamber Assembly Bolted
Smoke Chamber Warranty Lifetime
External Pressure Supply Compressed Air
Part No. 95-0007/A

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Buy it, Use it, Love it... or your money back!
Buy It: Purchase a Smoke Pro from Redline Detection or any participating dealer.
Use it: Use your new diagnostic leak detector every business day...try it on dozens of applications
Love it: You will be 100% convinced the Smoke Pro is worth far more than you paid for it.
...If not, simply return it along with all the included accessories within 30 days of purchase for a 100% refund. Note: Some participating dealers may impose additional conditions.

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Part No. 96-0007/A
UPC 894158001022